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Rachel Whitehawk founded Whitehawk Ranch in 2003 to provide teen girls and women in all walks of life the opportunity to achieve their optimal health and happiness.

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Whitehawk Ranch promotes a new way of thinking that strengthens the resolve of each participant to avoid negative thought patterns and to cultivate a happier, healthier state of mind.

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Our program allows young women to experience better mental health using our unique curriculum and the special relationship between women and horses.

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Our three levels of training offered to teen girls combine cognitive patterning and personal responsibility techniques to give girls the skills needed to make healthy lifestyle choices.

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Whitehawk Ranch was created to help teen girls achieve their optimal health and happiness through a unique cognitive patterning curriculum and interaction with horses. Through our programs, participants learn the skills needed to live their lives with courage, conviction and power. It is our philosophy at Whitehawk Ranch that with our healthy thinking, coping/resiliency and stress reduction methodology, as well as our unique life skills program, a girl can achieve anything!

We believe that a program designed to address the whole person is the first step to achieving healthy thought patterns. Our programs allow young women to experience better cognitive methods through experiencing the special relationship between women and horses. It is our hope that our programs will unlock the potential of each participant to achieve her dreams and to learn the joy and value of living in balance.

Rachel Whitehawk, CPC, CRC
Founder and Executive Director, Whitehawk Ranch, Inc.

No one has ever become poor by giving

Donations help to make our programs possible to a suffering, at-risk population. We appreciate so much each and every dollar that allows us to provide our programs to a population who could not otherwise afford it.