“… I wanted to mention to you the wonderful impact your classes are having on us. If your goal in life was to change one person’s life, your work is done. I have never felt better and owe it all to you and the empowerment you’ve given me as a growing teen girl.”

“I have a totally different outlook on life. I have learned to take care of myself and that some things I have no control over. It has made me a much stronger and confident girl.”

“I loved everything. It has helped me at work and even at home. I don’t have bad days but only bad moments.”

“Well rounded – addressed multiple areas of healthy behaviors and I’m not obsessed with guys anymore!”

“The openness of talking out any and everything is possible.”

“Rachel Whitehawk (she’s so funny), seriously, to be given the tools to add and change my thinking. It was very, very good.”

“Your class is helping me sooo much, I have shared the 3 Guiding Principles with countless people . . . and they truly believe them. THANK U! “

“It relieved a lot of stress prior to going to work every day, when I reviewed my journal. I enjoyed the whole program, it opened my mind to many new ideas, and my favorite was the ‘Benevolent leader’ session.”

”[I liked] all of it. It was a wonderful program. It has helped me to look at life itself differently. It has taught me how to deal with conflict better. I looked forward to the class every week. I try to apply what I learned every day.”

“The different ways that positive thinking and skills needed to accomplish/overcome every day stressors . . . was phenomenal! Life changing!”

“Wish it could be longer.”

“This was life changing – the way I felt after I left each session… understanding better who I am and how to deal with others. This program was excellent.”

“Receiving the information/skills/knowledge to be a better person / better in my life / reduce stress at work.”

“To control my impatience and reactions to people and situations that would have normally made me very angry and annoyed…sharing stories and interacting. I did not like that it is already over!”

“It definitely came at the right time for me and I enjoyed how in-depth it got. I learned a lot about myself and about life in general. I enjoyed everything about this program!!”

“Not to be so hard on myself. I am just as good as everyone else and I am special in my own way. The stories you told and how happy you are with yourself.”

“I’d love to bring my family. The program embraces what we all should do but can’t due to the many obstacles in life. I already embrace life on a higher level and appreciate the underlying happiness that is needed to see what is important. My family was fascinated with my synopsis of each of the classes and appreciated my re-telling / teaching of your techniques…the perfect length…The last day identifying the personalities and how to best deal with them, but also learning about yourself [and] returning to the person you once were – not what [we’ve become].”

“I love all parts of the program!!!”

“I love the “side note” or story that is applied to each concept or lesson. Your examples help us understand what you’re trying to say, make us laugh, and are memorable! Too short, wish it went many more weeks.”

“Talking about dealing with stress and the different personalities in people. I enjoyed my six weeks and think Rachel is wonderful.”