Stopping the Joy Thief

MyWhitehawk Mind: Stopping the Joy Thief

Anxiety is a thief and it has robbed millions of people of their joy, peace of mind and life purpose. Anxiety manifests itself as control, worry, panic, depression and many other maladies. We often feel overwhelmed by anxious thoughts and feel as if we cannot do anything to stop these thoughts. Anxiety can become so strong that we believe we have no control over what it does to our mind and our body. That is simply not true. We have the power to control anxiety and reduce it permanently. Better thinking is a skill that can be taught and thus learned. All emotions originate in thought and our thoughts come from our interpretation of our life experiences. It all begins at the beginning. The role Model program will take you through a 6 week process of transformational  cognitive change  that will give you the skills to separate your emotions from your thoughts; separating what you KNOW from what you FEEL with our unique methodology so please sign up for our………

But here are a few things to think about as you contemplate real lasting change and peace of mind.

Balanced living is achieved through “balanced thinking”; your thoughts and feelings are different entities. We can learn to separate them and gain control over both.

  • We each have many coping skills that do not serve us well. We are not taught to think nor how to cope and become more resilient in our daily lives but we CAN be taught how to do just that.
  • Most of us learn to cope without any formal training and simply live our lives doing the best we can with the skills we have at any given moment
  • We can be taught to optimize our skills and learn to transcend situations and make decisions based on facts not emotions.
  • We can learn the skill of quickly adapting our perspective to improve our thoughts and actions. Our perspective is everything.



FEAR: It all comes down to fear: fear ruins our lives- it strips of our joy and our strength and our very person. The person we were designed to be does not move out of fear- we move out of love. We are designed to work from love and grace and fearlessness but so often our brains have been trained through experience and environment to see everything through the filter of fear- so much so that we really begin to believe that life looks the way we see it and that there is no way to change it-NO! We can change it, in fact the way we see life is sometimes the only thing we CAN change. Fear is at the root of every other negative emotion- anxiety worry anger, etc. if we know and believe the 3 Guiding principles outlined in the Role Model program, then how can fear have a foothold in our lives?  If everything is under the control of the Almighty then everything that happens is SUPPOSED to happen and WILL. We need to live our lives with freedom and ease and accept the good with the bad because it is all part of HIS plan for us. We don’t cancel trips, postpone doctor’s appt. live in fear of an accident or disease………HE is in charge-we don’t have to be!

We have been given the tools to handle whatever comes our way anyway……….so the plan is complete…….the only job we have is to learn this mindset…..adopt it and ultimately live it and thus live FREE! Here a few ideas to get started.


Trust that you have the skills to can get through difficult times. I am a firm believer that we are never given more than we can handle although at times, our emotions will tell us differently. Feeling overwhelmed and being overwhelmed are two very different animals. Take stock in your skills. Remember hard times are also opportunities to connect and hold onto what is truly important to us. You have the skills to manage anything that comes your way.

Don’t fear the anxiety itself. Anxiety can only work if we fear the anxiety itself. It is such an uncomfortable feeling that we do often fear it but if you can begin to see anxiety as a temporary emotion and allow it wash over you, it has much less power over you.

Cease to judge yourself: Anxiety often opens the door to self-blame for everything. This unrealistic perspective leaves you heartbroken and downcast and will likely increase anxiety.  Let the judgments go, have compassion for yourself. See the good in yourself- it is there. We are not perfect—-by design.