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Elegant Equitation (Riding Lessons)
"When you have your health, your worth, and your focus, the world is a limitless place."

Rachel Whitehawk-Day













Issues we address in this program:

  • Anxiety/managing emotions

  • Body image, awareness and self-acceptance

  • Confusion about direction and future

  • Dating (choices, relationships, break-ups, sexual activity)

  • Divorce-related challenges

  • Friendship dynamics (growing apart, betrayal, conflicts, negative competion)

  • Goal setting, focus and achievement

  • Low self-esteem/moral decision-making

  • Peer, media & self imposed pressure

  • Personal responsibility skill building

  • Social isolation and bullying

  • Time management, organizational & life skills

  • Teen / parent communication


Mastering Life's Ride - at the Walk, Trot, and Canter

Our 3 levels of training offered to teen girls and women combine cognitive patterning and personal responsibility techniques to give participants the skills needed to make healthy lifestyle choices in the areas of nutrition and wellness, self-worth, coping and goal setting.  This unique program enables participants to better understand themselves, the impact of decisions, and the value of setting goals, limits, and permanently reducing stress.

Through these unique wellness programs teen girls and women learn the skills needed to live their lives with courage, conviction and power.  Whitehawk Ranch is dedicated to combating the unhealthy information and influence women receive from our popular culture in the areas of health, self-esteem and decision-making.  Whitehawk Ranch promotes a new way of thinking,  a thought process that strengthens the resolve of each participant to avoid negative thought patterns and to cultivate a healthy state of mind. Horse interaction is central to the philosophy and effectiveness of our programs.



Whitehawk Ranch offers a unique program to area homeless shelters  to help homeless women take our philosophy to the next level in their personal lives. We offer a program that provides participants with employment readiness, resumes, interview skills, clothing, make-up and image consulting  in order to provide the maximum benefit of the life skills they learn in our other programs. We offer follow-up life coaching and recovery coaching to these extraordinary women as well.

Elegant Equitation

Whitehawk Ranch provides private one on one beginner English riding lessons to girls age 10 and older.  All lessons are conducted in an indoor arena with an attached heated/air conditioned viewing room and lounge for parents and friends. 

We provide all necessary safety equipment and gear as well a great experience!  The cost is $45 per lesson.  Call 330-819-2032 to schedule!

Rachel W. Day, CPC, CRC
Whitehawk  Ranch,Inc.